With the chaos of 2020 now behind us, it’s time to look ahead to what we can expect from 2021 in the digital marketing world.

2020 was unpredictable, but with the pandemic changing the way businesses communicated, it’s now been a distant world for 12 months. This has led to a significant shift in the way brands connect with their consumers.

2021 has more to offer than vaccines and a hope that life returns to normal.

So, what marketing trends will continue in 2021?

Video is the new voice in 2021.

Since March 2020, the world had a new way of working and communicating with its consumers.

It looks like it’s here to stay, because staying together virtually is the best option right now, and whether you’re more inclined towards a desktop or mobile experience. There’s something for you. The best part is that most of it’s free.

With Zoom taking the lead, with it’s free and paid tiers. The free option supports calls of up to 100 participants. Though sessions with three or more individuals online are limited to 40 minutes.

Zoom can even run within a desktop browser window if you don’t want to download the app to your machine.

Facebook is the primary platform for businesses to promote their services/products; it also has two solutions to offer Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Facebook has announced a range of updates for its Messenger Rooms video hangout option. Including new custom backgrounds and more ways to connect.


In 2020 TikTok become one of the popular social media platforms, with the UK on lockdown. While 85% of businesses are already using video as a marketing tool, TikTok is an excellent way to expand the reach of your video content. There are a few running themes on what makes TikTok videos become trends. The top theme we’re seeing is humour. Funny videos get more shares, and people watch them more than once.

But is TikTok good for business?

The type of content that should be sharing on TikTok is content created by you and your team. This brings out your personality and humour side to your business.
There’s nothing wrong with having a bit of fun while
TikTok is an excellent way of standing out in the crowd and getting your followers to remember you and your brand.

More brands will go live.

Live streaming will be more prevalent during 2021, so if you haven’t nailed a pre-recorded video yet, you might want to give it ago. Live streaming is becoming more popular on social media, with brands speaking about new products/services, celebrities endorsing brands and businesses recording live interviews on Zoom.

Focus on having fun, and speaking to the audience, one great feature on live streaming is you can see who is watching you, this allows you to say hello and introduce yourself.

Social media stories

Thanks to Snapchat, they changed the game when it evolved from a messaging app to a storytelling platform. Stories are videos and images that appear outside of your Newsfeed and only last 24 hours before they disappear.

You can now use storytelling on your social media channels to your advantage, here are the ones I highly recommend for business.

Facebook – Your stories will be visible to your selected audience for 24 hours. Any photos or videos you add to your story on Facebook will also appear in your story on Messenger.

If you share your Instagram story to Facebook, it will also appear as a story at the top of your News Feed on Facebook and in the Messenger app.

LinkedIn – LinkedIn Stories enable you to share images and short videos of your everyday professional life.

LinkedIn shares Stories that you post for 24 hours; you can only post a Story from the LinkedIn mobile app.

Instagram – Instagram was the first platform to copy Snapchat’s success with Stories.

In 2016, Instagram released “Instagram Stories, ” allowing users to share videos and photos that disappeared after 24 hours.

Instagram Stories allow you to share photos and videos to your story, which is visible to your followers.

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