You may ask yourself why is social media so crucial for your business? Well, many people use a variety of social media platforms, with Facebook being the largest social media channel with billions of users. Now it’s essential to have a social media presence more than ever, keeping the right reputation image for your brand with regular updates.

The importance of social media presence

1. Increasing awareness

Social platforms help with increasing awareness for your brand. If your brand has excellent content with appealing images, they are more likely to share your post. Which creates brand exposure for your business.

2. Leads and sales

Social platforms generate leads and sales. Although social media isn’t for selling. But posting about your products and services can help with customers deciding to purchase when comparing against your competitors. Social media helps with building custom relations and learning more about the services your business provides.

3. Reviews

Most customers tend to look at reviews before buying anything online, having an online presence can help with customers feedback, to allow them to provide you with an excellent review for the public eye to see. People gain more trust with businesses through reviews and word of mouth.

4. Provide support

With many users turning to social media, you can offer your support via private message on your platforms rather than a support line. Responding with quick and effective replies can give you a good reputation online.

5. Business growth through owned earned and paid media.

Social media is an owned earn, and paid advertisement. Depending on how well you publish – owned advertising is the post you release yourself on your social media, earned is your following who share your content, and the social media adverts are the ones you pay to be posted.

You can gain free publicity through your advertising by followers sharing your post, and this will then be earned, as the public is liking what you are.

6. Don’t give up

As social media can be challenging, this takes time to build, especially if you are starting your new business. The best way to begin getting notice from the first months of your business is through PR; getting your business into the media will create awareness for your brand and gets you in the public eye.

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