Using social media for your business can be a minefield. You may not know what are the best platforms to use?

We all know it’s important to be seen. But with so many platforms you could spend all your time managing your accounts. And what do you do when they don’t seem to be working?

Do you keep using the platforms you’ve been told are working for others? How do you know which is the best platform for you?

I’m not going to set you any hard and fast rules. Social media works best when you enjoy it, so take that into consideration – but here are my thoughts on picking the platforms which are right for your business.


Facebook is still the most popular social media platform, and for many businesses, it’s the best.

While some people would tell you Facebook won’t do anything for their business. It can actually do a lot more than you think. Even when services are aimed at professionals, those professionals are likely to have a Facebook account.

The people you want to reach are likely to be on the platform. Facebook is great at helping you find them.

I honestly think that all businesses should seriously consider a Facebook account. It’s where a lot of people go to find the services they’re looking for, knowing that the platform will provide up to date information and reviews.


Particularly, though, Facebook is best for you if your business has products to sell. By providing you with your own shopfront and a way to get your products in front of potential customers. In a place, they’re already browsing.


For businesses looking to build a community, Facebook is again top of the list. Building groups on Facebook is simple, and these allow you to create a space where clients or customers can share. Also encouraging them to invite others in. These communities are great for helping you be seen as an expert and supporting others. Both of which are great for your business.

Facebook is a low-cost marketing strategy

Through a well-planned Facebook marketing strategy, you can reach your audience more effectively. Facebook allows you to share information about your business and create awareness for your brand. If you are consistent with your content, share videos and pictures from your company. This can help gain loyalty with your audience.

With online marketing, it’s about the long-term game. To put it simply if you needed an IT Engineer to solve your issues. You would actively go looking for an IT company. Before your IT problem occurred, you wouldn’t necessarily look for an IT engineer.

This is no different when it comes to any business. Businesses will actively look for services/products when they need them most. So, make sure you are ready with great content on your social media page and be consistent with your presence.

Customer Support

Who hates waiting on hold to get through to a human when needing customer support? You could be on the phone for a while. This is not ideal when you have another 101 things to do. Facebook is a great way to communicate with your clients. Having customer support through Facebook is now the new way of getting instant replies

Answer Questions Quickly:

While phone and email communication can be slow and tedious, instant messaging can help consumers receive the answers they need much faster. Which helps save both time and money over the long term.

Increase Purchase Intent:

In some cases, the only thing stopping a consumer from making a purchase is a lack of information. If they can find that information quickly, they’re often more likely to buy. Facebook IQ marketing solutions help businesses connect with shoppers on a more personal level. In contrast, it’s easy to get a consumer’s attention. Keeping their attention takes a little more time and effort from customer support.

Build Trust with Customers:

Consumers like having the option to contact businesses through messaging platforms. If a support representative is willing to engage in honest conversations and listen to customer needs. Those customers will be more likely to trust the brand in the future

Targeted advertising

Do you have a specific audience you are trying to reach for your business? Facebook can help you reach your goal with those audiences with paid ads. With Facebook demographics, you can put your ideal audience and target these through Facebook advertising. You can do this by adding a call-to-action button to give you a wider reach for the goal you want to achieve. A call-to-action ad promotes your Page’s call-to-action button. The button encourages people to take any important action to your business, such as booking appointments or shopping on your website.

For example, if you add the Shop Now button to your Page, the button encourages people to shop. You can reach far more audience than you ever will doing this organic. Having said this, don’t write off organic reach completely. The organic post is still a great way of knowing how your social media content is improving and can also tell you real insights to which post is getting the most attention. You can find this information from a social media tool like Hootsuite or Facebook insights.


While LinkedIn started as a platform for recruiters and job seekers. It has become a network where professionals share news and thoughts – it’s an increasingly powerful platform.

LinkedIn is a professional platform compared to Facebook. You will find your audience here who own a business, employed by a business who are looking for employment. Or the audience who are looking to get more connections.

Professional Services

When you don’t have a tangible product to sell, LinkedIn is the place for you.

LinkedIn is all about sharing knowledge. This is the place to show people what an expert you are. You can create or share articles, get involved in conversations, and keep in touch with what people in your industry or network are interested in. Hopefully answering their questions and proving how valuable your service is.

Networking Building

Whoever your ideal client is. The chances are they’re on LinkedIn – because so many of the working population are – and although they’re professionals, they’re people too.

While you’re sharing your valuable information, you’re not just sharing it with the people in your own network. Hopefully, they’ll interact, and you’ll be sharing it with their network too. That’s how your network will grow. And you will be reaching out specifically to people who are interested in what you have to say.


Instagram isn’t just about pretty pictures… but it really does do pretty pictures incredibly well.

If you are a business who loves being in front of the camera, Instagram is your ideal platform. With great features to choose from. You have a feature that allowed you to upload videos to your story, which your audience can follow. Instagram’s other great feature is Highlights. Where you can place more stories for your new potential customers to watch, just in case they missed you the first time. Check out Bella Marketing Solution’s Instagram

Visual Brands and Products

Whether you’re selling something that looks great. Jewellery, make-up, art or food, or a creative service – photography, graphics, hair or nails, beautiful things do well on Instagram.

And the people you are looking for, visual people who appreciate the beauty, are looking for you there!


But it’s not just about the end product, the visual aspect of Instagram is also incredibly powerful for telling stories. Show your behind the scenes pictures, the things which make your day run smoothly, or the moments which have made you smile. If your ideal audience is creative, they’re likely to be on Instagram, so this is the place to be


Twitter is a great platform if you know how to use it right for business.

If you have an in-house marketing team who can tweet at least 6 – 10 times a day. Twitter will work extremely well for you.

Conversation Starters

Twitter is all about the conversation. If you’re a business with information to share and whose opinion is valued, share it on Twitter.

Think about what you can add and who you can engage with. But beware, ranting isn’t a good look for a business so stay out of conversations if you’re likely to get into an argument.


One thing people love is the communities that can be found on Twitter. Twitter, in particular, are local or industry/interest-specific conversations. They happen around hashtags that allow you to join a conversation and build your community. If you want to get involved in your industry or local area, these groups are great for support and opportunities.

So, what’s best for you?

If you need help to understand where you should be posting. Bella Marketing offers a free audit of your Social Media channel.

Get in touch, we’d love to find out more about your business – call on 01933 816016

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